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Friday, December 4, 2020
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Limpopo is regarded as the breadbasket of the country. In the Letsitele valley we boast some of the biggest citrus exporters in the world while on the opposite side of the area, in the Mooketsi valley, we boast ZZ2, regarded as one of the biggest tomato producers on the planet. Bulletin is proud to be home grown, just like the farmers we feature.

Tzaneen en omgewing se boere het verlede naweek die langpad Vrystaat en Karoo toe aangedurf om die hulpkreet van die boere daar te antwoord.

VRYSTAAT OPVOLG: Hulp met oop arms ontvang

‘n Konvooi van vier trokke en vier bakkies het vol kos en voer verlede week Donderdag uit Tzaneen uit, die pad Vrystaat toe aangepak. Letaba Brandwag lede,...

Yellow streaks over blue skies

You’ve seen them flying around the orchards in the Greater Tzaneen region for many years. In fact, the yellow planes have become somewhat iconic to the area....

Kalafatis – the farmer with his head in the clouds

“Basically, I’m still farming, but only from up there,” said Eugene Kalafatis with a bit of a chuckle as he pointed towards the sky. “My roots lie...
Vrystaat boere kry hulp

VRYSTAAT HULP: Plaaslike boere snel Vrystaat te hulp

Dele van die Vrystaat lê in puin na verwoestende veldbrande wat verlede week in die Hertzogville area uitgebreek het. Volgens dr Jack Armour, Operasionele bestuurder van Vrystaat...
Limpopo's Deputy Police commissioner, Maj-Genl Jan Scheepers

Police say farm attacks are not political

“There is absolutely no evidence that these attacks are politically driven, we are not fighting politicians here, we are fighting criminals – and it is a fight...
The Temmick's Ground Pangolin

Their scales are just giant fingernails

The Temminck's Ground Pangolin is the most widespread African pangolin species, recorded from south-eastern Chad, through South Sudan, much of East Africa and southern Africa as far...

Voorbereiding kan lewens red

Die voorkoming van plaasaanvalle behoort nie net vir boere ‘n prioriteit te wees nie. Boere voorsien kos aan elke inwoner van die land en daarom is die...

Agriculture vital to economic growth

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) numbers released by Stats SA recently, indicates a decline of 51% in the second quarter of 2020. This fourth consecutive quarter decline...

Farm attacks receive high-level attention

The incidence of farm attacks and the murder of farmers and farm workers recently received considerable attention at government level and during a debate in Parliament recently.

Hef inperkings op, red ekonomie

Die beweging van Suid-Afrika van vlak twee na vlak een van die inperking sal geen wesenlike verskil vir die ekonomie inhou nie. Dit is bloot ‘n voortsetting...

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Minister Creecy blocks lion meat sales

The Environmental Minister Barbara Creecy has moved to veto an amendment to the existing Meat Safety Act, which would allow for the commercial...
Graffiti on tree in park

Have we fenced in the wrong park?

The situation in the public park between Park and Poinsettia Streets is worsening at a rapid rate. Last week Bulletin reported on...

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With the whole world recovering from Covid-19 lockdown and a dramatic 2020 brimmed with corruption and ill politics, the questions most people...