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Friday, December 4, 2020

Seeff – Transfer Process Explained

To fully complete a transfer process should take anything between 6 to 8 weeks. This also depends on the municipality, deeds office and transferring attorneys. If there...

“Life as a woman is fabulous!” Chuckles. “Yeah, right.”

Sometimes it is great, and sometimes it is really frustrating because being a human on its own is challenging, now try that journey as a feminine one....

Seeff – I lost my Title Deed. What now?

A title deed is the only proof any homeowner has that he/she legally owns a specific property. When selling your home, the original title deed is needed...

More than “flenter-mense”

“People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed and redeemed. Never throw out anyone.” – Audrey Hepburn.

Seeff-Let’s talk Real Estate-28 August

As a consumer there are different entities protecting you, the consumer from reckless business dealers. Same goes for when you are buying a property.

Her Notebook – 14 August 2020

What a beautiful month we are in. The sun is shining and we can put away the winter clothes again… well, kinda....

Let’s talk Real Estate – 31 July 2020

With the Reserve banks announcement of a further drop in the interest rate of .25 basis points to 7%, it is great news for new home buyers....

Net Terloops • Deel 2 – Louis Roux

Nou loop ons verhaal in ‘n rigting waarvan hierdie rekenaar nog nie weet nie. Dis ‘n roete wat nêrens op ‘n padkaart verskyn nie, maar uitgestippel is...

Her Notebook – 17 July Covid-19th

I wake up every morning thinking, today will be a good day. The coffee is good, I see my morning person husband dancing around, smiling at me...

Net Terloops • Deel 1 – Louis Roux

Dis na vieruur op die oggend van Sondag 29 April. Een van die mooiste Strauss-walse het pas in die agtergrond verdwyn. Nou blaas ‘n hobo die briljantheid...

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Minister Creecy blocks lion meat sales

The Environmental Minister Barbara Creecy has moved to veto an amendment to the existing Meat Safety Act, which would allow for the commercial...
Graffiti on tree in park

Have we fenced in the wrong park?

The situation in the public park between Park and Poinsettia Streets is worsening at a rapid rate. Last week Bulletin reported on...

SEEFF: Is the time right to buy property?

With the whole world recovering from Covid-19 lockdown and a dramatic 2020 brimmed with corruption and ill politics, the questions most people...