Halima Omar (Tzaneen Care Centre manager), Yolandé Rautenbach (TPA organiser) and Yasmeen Bhamjee (Tzaneen Care Centre chairlady and director).

The President’s Award (TPA) programme from Merensky High School is proud to announce the hand-over of yet another wheelchair.

This initiative came about after TPA participating learners together with the community started the collection of bottle tops and bread tags in 2018. Since then enough tops and tags has been collected for recycling to purchase two wheelchairs.

The first wheelchair was handed over in 2018 and the second wheelchair was recently donated to the Tzaneen Care Centre.

The TPA organiser, Yolandé Rautenbach, encouraged all Plasies and the community to keep collecting bread tags and plastic bottle tops. It can be dropped off at the school’s reception or at Rautenbach’s classroom.



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