Danica Altenroxel receiving the Coach House Trophy from the guest speaker, Sonja Kruse. Photos: Stanford Lake College

The Class of 2020 from Stanford Lake College enjoyed a rollercoaster of emotions as they enjoyed the traditions of their official last day at school on Friday the 9th of October. It was however Danica Altenroxel who stole the limelight after being awarded with no less than 12 awards.

Malaika Mohlaba receiving the Amm Trophy and Georgina Smit Trophy from the guest speaker, Sonja Kruse.

The ceremony was for the first time due to the Covid-19 regulations streamed live for parents and family to view from the comfort of their own homes and was watched by over 180 people.

The matric class gathered at the Barnyard for the Valediction and Prize Giving Ceremony, where they heard stories of Ubuntu and hope from the guest speaker, Sonja Kruse, as well as fittingly speeches from the headmaster, Alan Redfern, and the head boy and girl.

Many students received awards for their contributions to the school and the formalities were followed by the ceremonious throwing of coloured paint and, of course, jumping in the lake.

Margaret Freestone and Akila Ramdharie shared the King Constantine Medal.

The award winners are:

Malaika Mohlaba – Blight Trophy for English Public Speaking

Loomis (one of the three inhouse sports teams) – Gardner Trophy for Inter-House Public Speaking

Akila Ramdharie – Ross van Eetveldt Trophy for Culture

Lia Revelas and Rofhiwa Nevhutalu – Vanner Trophy (awarded to a gr.12 learner who, on the sports field, has shown the qualities of commitment, determination and sportsmanship)

Loomis – Stranack Inter-House Trophy for being the overall winner of all the Inter-House competitions

Danica Altenroxel and Malaika Mohlaba – Ken Shuter Trophy for English Home Language

Malaika Mohlaba – CJ Cassim Trophy for Advanced Programme English

Lia Revelas and Danica Altenroxel – Fenske Trophy for Afrikaans First Additional Language

Danica Altenroxel – Kromberg Trophy for Proficiency in English and Afrikaans

Danica Altenroxel – D’Arcy Herrman Trophy for Accounting

Jamie de Witt – “La Trofia Madera del Arte” award for Visual Arts

Jamie de Witt – Thompson Trophy for Outstanding Artist

Faaria Rhemtula – Morris Trophy for Life Science

Owen Venter – CAT08KAT Trophy for Computer Application Technology

Danica Altenroxel – Information Technology Trophy

Danica Altenroxel – Life Orientation award

Husnaa Dada – Kenney Brokers Trophy for Business Studies

Lia Revelas – Jack Trophy for Geography

Malaika Mohlaba – Waller Trophy for History

Jamie de Witt – Mathematical Literacy award

Danica Altenroxel – Calculus Trophy for Mathematics

Danica Altenroxel – Cassim Trophy for Advanced Programme Mathematics

Danica Altenroxel – Einstein Trophy for Physical Science

Sumehra de Bruyn – Marco Visser Trophy for Exceptional Academic Improvement in Gr.12

Faaria Rhemtula – Da Silva Trophy for Consistent Academic Excellence throughout High School

Danica Altenroxel – Coach House Trophy for the Best Results in the 2020 Preliminary Examinations

Oratile Cheou – Ubuntu Trophy for exceptional service to the community

Margaret Freestone and Akila Ramdharie – King Constantine Medal

Danica Altenroxel – Baleta Trophy (voted for by the whole school) for the learner from any grade who is future-smart, who knows where they are going and how to get there

Danica Altenroxel – Geldenhuys Trophy for a matric learner who has achieved excellence in all spheres of school life, academic, sport and cultural activities

Danica Altenroxel – Jarrod Zamparini Trophy for the matric learner who has most used the opportunities offered to them and in so doing has exemplified the values of the Stanford Lake College

Malaika Mohlaba – Georgina Smit Trophy (Voted for by the matriculants) awarded to a matric learner who by being pro-active, having the courage to stand up for what is right and made a positive contribution to the school Malaika Mohlaba – Amm Trophy (voted for by the whole school) was awarded to a matric learner who has shown the best qualities of care, compassion, honesty, integrity and understanding.



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