An artistic interpretation of the lights that are frequently spotted over the R40 / R71 road near Gravelotte.

Strange lights were again spotted near Gravelotte on Sunday evening. According to two eyewitnesses, Mark and Lenore Kasdorf from Hazyview, they were traveling along the R71 from Hazyview towards Tzaneen when they noticed a very bright light approaching them from a distance ahead.

“We were driving to Gauteng and it was already around 19:30 and so everyone had their headlights on. A pet peeve of mine is when truckers leave their ‘brights’ on even in oncoming traffic. So, I flashed my lights at what I thought was an approaching truck,” explained Mark. “The lights just kept coming though and I said to Lenni she should brace herself because I think we might have to go off-road.”

Lenore remembered pushing her heels into the floor mat as the light sped straight toward their vehicle and then suddenly vanished. “It was the weirdest feeling! One moment I was making peace with the imminent impact and the next it was completely calm. I remember thinking that the lights went right through our car and so I looked back to see where the vehicle went. But there was no vehicle and no sound or lights. Like we had both imagined it.”

In shock, Mark turned into Gravelotte and pulled into the Mackaukau filling station. “I jumped out the car and ran to the top the road at the intersection as I was certain the truck must have left the road after swerving to avoid a collision. Especially at that speed. But there was nothing. No dust, no lights, no commotion, nothing. Just dead quiet.”

The couple returned to their vehicle after washing up and replenishing their snack supply. Heading back onto the R71 they spent the rest of their trip discussing what they had just witnessed. “Maybe it was a vivid dream, or maybe there really was an accident on that road on Sunday evening? We thought it would make a good news story. Perhaps you could investigate it?”

Bulletin has checked with local traffic and police and no accidents were reported on that specific stretch of road in the last year.

Three years ago we reported on the strange sighting of the Gravelotte Whitefoot by a young couple, Henri and Clarissa Bierman, driving to Phalaborwa. Could these be linked somehow? If you have any information that could assist in getting to the bottom of this enigma, please let us know by joining the discussion on Facebook or via email to

Shortly after publishing this story last week, we received a message via Facebook that another local spotted the same lights in the sky the night before. The sender wished to remain anonymous, but said that his encounter was very similar to that of the two couples mentioned above.

Just because something is currently unexplained, does not make it supernatural… or does it?